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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where parties meet with a mutually selected, neutral person who helps them negotiate an agreement. In South Carolina Family Court, mediation can help resolve your divorce or custody case with less time, stress, and money than traditional litigation. 

Attorney Carolyn M. Bone is a certified South Carolina Family Court Mediator, as well as an experienced Family Court attorney. Together, we can help you reach a settlement agreement to resolve your Family Court case almost entirely out-of-court in a private, amicable (friendly) way.  If you are looking for an affordable way to resolve your divorce, mediated divorce may be the answer. 

In other words: we can help you work out an agreement instead of you fighting in court

Flat-fee half and full day mediation for parties without attorneys


Half and full day mediation at set hourly rates for parties with attorneys

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Why Mediate?

The benefits of mediation may include:

  • Faster resolution

  • Lower cost vs. traditional litigation

  • Higher rate of compliance with agreements

  • Improved co-parenting and less conflict

  • Agreements tailored to your family

  • Greater control over the outcome of your case

  • Better predictability about what will happen

  • Personal empowerment- you decide, not a judge

The goal of mediation is to help YOU reach an agreement.  Looking for a Summerville mediator? Give us a call. 

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a private, confidential, decision-making process in which an impartial facilitator (mediator), helps both sides reach a solution to their problem that both parties can accept. The mediator does not take sides, and all decisions are made by the parties themselves.  If no decision is reached, the parties are free to go to court. 

Common issues that can be addressed at family mediation include child custody, visitation, child support, private school expenses, alimony and spousal support, and property and debt division, including use of the home, vehicles, and bank accounts. 

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Get in Touch

 We can help with:

  • Simple/Uncontested divorce cases

  • Custody cases

  • Property division

  • Spousal support/Alimony

  • Child Support 

We serve Charleston, North Charleston, Park Circle, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, Daniel Island, Moncks Corner, and all surrounding areas. Carolyn Bone, Esq., is a Certified South Carolina Family Court Mediator, as well as a divorce and family law attorney. Looking for mediated divorce in Charleston? Let us help.

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Carolyn Bone, Esq.


Attorney Carolyn Bone is a Certified South Carolina Family Court mediator and litigator, serving the entire Summerville/Charleston area. We offer virtual and in-person mediation as well as flat-fee pricing. 

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