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Why Mediate?

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Better Co-Parenting

Many separating parents who have poor communication skills or who struggle with high conflict are surprised at how successful mediation can be.


Mediation doesn't treat parents as either best friends or as adversaries - instead, parents are problem solvers.

A mediated agreement can also be tailored to the specific needs of your family. This can be especially useful for families with special needs children or unique circumstances, such as military families or long-distance parenting plans. 

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Save Money

In certain cases, parties can save thousands (vs. traditional litigation) by mediating contested Family Court issues early on. Mediation is already mandatory in South Carolina Family Court cases before a trial can be scheduled. 

Mediation can help you end your case months or years earlier than contested litigation. You can even mediate prior to separating.

A Summerville mediator, Ms. Bone is available anywhere in the Charleston area and statewide online.

Image of mature woman in a suit, Mediation may save time versus traditional litigation. Summerville divorce lawyer, Charleston mediator, mediation, collaborative law, divorce law, custody, separation, child support

Save Time

Having a competent divorce mediator guide you through a process of effective communication and agreement building can translate to thousands saved in litigation fees and costs. Your Summerville Family Court mediator will help guide your discussions and minimize your distractions, keeping you both negotiating effectively and efficiently.  The more productive your discussions, the less time it takes and the less cost to you. 

If you need Charleston divorce mediation, give us a call.

Mediation, Summerville, Charleston, family law, family court mediation
  • May be more willingness to co-parent

  • Reduced conflict

  • Reduced time spent in litigation

  • Greater likelihood of future compliance with the agreement

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Studies have shown that people who reach mediated agreements are more likely to "stick to them," reducing the risk of parties attempting to modify or change parts of the agreement in the future.

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The parties make their own decisions, with the help of a mediator. This eliminates the uncertainty of someone who doesn't know your family making decisions about your life. This also allows parties to reach more creative agreements that are tailored to your family. 

Summerville divorce mediator

Confidentiality in mediation means parties are free to explore options without fear that your efforts will be used against you in the event of litigation. If mediation doesn't work, both parties are still free to go to Court.  

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